About Investor Soiree

At Investor Soiree we understand there's a hill of top-notch investment information on the web, so we're not looking to add to the height of that hill.

Rather, we're looking to pick out the best bits on the ascent and pull it all together to display in the one place — like a hill station, yeah, a hill station ... with a view and serving warm meals and cold cocktails.

Okay, enough of the hill metaphor.

In a nutshell, Investor Soiree will collect, collate and disseminate the social media output from London's largest and most followed listed companies. We'll partner up with the best chart providers in the business and display their wares next to content from the most informative news providers doing the rounds — from investment commentary and financial and economic news through company presentation videos and audio — all in the one place.

We'll display contextual discussion from the UKs most popular investor bulletin boards to give you a sense of the vibe on the ground for individual investments.

Where possible we'll dissect the numbers and look at popularity trends and share our conclusions via our data.

Top free investment info in a setting where we've stripped away the grey and added a little colour (figuratively speaking since our latest redesign) to the sometimes stodgy world of online investment.

But in no way are we associated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the London Stock Exchange. Lawyers made me say it.